Mall Wars




Mall Wars

by H.

Four fastidiously dressed women sat around a cappuccino scented walnut table at the Emporium Mall. Their eyes transfixed on their mobile devices. They were in a Café Grande infused state of deep anxiety. Their eyes looked downward transfixed on their mobile devices and with the ocular precision of surgeons they monitored them incessantly. They were awaiting incoming and it could be a bloodbath.

Far away, on another coffee table, in another Java Hut in a parallel universe, possibly on the other side of the mall, came the source of their derision. There huddled around a cinnamon scented timber slab sat four equally antsy females. Each one typing at breakneck speed. Their goal was to wreak havoc on the materialistic souls of their opponents.

Send her a photo of your new Chanel handbag screamed a combatant on the second table.

Whoosh, Whoosh. And the missile was sent complete with a heart sticker and a message of love to further torment its recipient.

Message received. Socialite down. Bear hit the floor her three-month-old Versace purse no match. Fon acted instantly placing a blueberry muffin under her nose. Hoping its sweet aroma would resuscitate her.

There was silence. It lingered. Their response would be measured, thoughtful and effective.

Bear, by this time conscious, dragged herself up, brushed herself off and retaliated with a recent photograph from a holiday Facebook post. Whoosh, scenic snaps of her and her millionaire boyfriend sipping cappuccino in a café in the Swiss Alps were dispatched to the opposing gaggle.

It missed its mark, the recipients didn’t know where Switzerland was, although they did agree that it was north of Chaing Mai and had only seen snow in a freezer.

They sat bewildered. Is this the best they can do they thought? Nattaporn concluded that a picture of her Ferrari with a Rilakkuma Bear in the driver’s seat would suffice as a final battle blow.

With that the photo made its way over battle lines…to…to be continued.