Nomadic Peregrination

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humorous, literary

A journey, especially a long or meandering one.

‘she kept Aunt Ilsa company on her peregrinations’


More example sentences

‘A revolution in remote-sensing technology is already making it possible for scientists to see the underwater pathways that marine mammals such as seals and whales use on their mysterious peregrinations.’

‘During these peregrinations he owed much to the generosity of friends and patrons; otherwise he maintained himself by a succession of clerical, secretarial, and tutorial posts and by teaching and copying music.’

‘As all this occurs, his narrative voice partakes in dizzying peregrinations into alliteration and poetic eloquence as he discusses the failure of language in doing justice to the comic’s visuals.’

‘He succeeds without competition, thanks to his years of journalistic peregrinations spent in inhaling and memorising the classic picture-postcard scenes of Jammu and Kashmir.’

‘In the arcade, the small, solemn huddles of old men continue their peregrinations.’